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LiS Thought Leadership Conversations 2014


The basics of inspirational leadership Wed 12th Feb. Andrea Quinn
Transitions in Leadership Thur 13th March Samantha Barber
Leading from behind? Tues 8th April Linda Urquhart, OBE
Vulnerability and leadership Thur 12th June Bonnie Clarke
Mindfulness and Leadership Thur 10th July Angela McCusker
Women entrepreneurs as leaders:
the psychology of growth
Wed 10th Sept Jackie Waring
Honesty and Leadership Thur 9th Oct Mel Harris


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VENUE:          Edinburgh
at Morton Fraser LLP, Quartermile or Badenoch and Clark, St Andrew's Square.

TIME: 12 - 2pm for all events.



The 2014 Thought Leadership Conversations are focusing on
Women and Leadership.

"While I believe very strongly in equality and diversity, I am also aware that women are seriously under-represented at senior leadership levels. I would like to experiment this year by creating a space and forum to encourage women to have an open discussion around leadership." Sue Mitchell, Aeona. Founder of Leaders in Scotland.

The theme for these thought leadership lunches is exploring how various aspects of leadership can make a difference for the individual leader and also for their organisation. They offer an ideal opportunity for leaders from different organisations to share ideas in an informal setting and create the potential for innovative thinking about leadership and the impact it has and could have for themselves and their own organisations.

Thought leadership is the basis of innovative change and is all about ideas and changing the way people think. Come to these lively events to explore stimulating topics relevant to leadership, with an invited speaker to open the conversation. Scotland faces challenging times and developing innovative leadership is central to engaging with these challenges, opportunities and solutions. What does this mean for you, your career and your business or organisation?

Events are held on the second Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month from 12 - 2pm and include a buffet lunch and time for networking. The lunch is a tasty mixture of healthy 'brain' foods, including salads, fruit, and vegetarian options. No sandwiches! Book early to secure your place as space is limited.

The concept
Formulating ideas
Insightful points of view
Understanding issues that leaders face
Capturing ideas in various ways
Sharing ideas, knowledge and wisdom among leaders in Scotland to:
     learn and grow as leaders;
     engage in dialogue; and
     build a trusted community, through building connections and relationships.

Approximate timetable
12:00 – registration and networking, lunch starts
12:15 – introductions
12:30 – 1:45 exploring the topic of the month
13:45– 14:00 networking to finish

Tickets: £25 inc. VAT, including buffet lunch and drinks. BOOK HERE

VENUE:          Edinburgh
Badenoch and Clarke host the Leaders in Scotland Thought Leadership Conversations in their board room, with a view across St Andrews Square and George Street to the Firth of Forth.

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What have people said about a recent event?

"I really did enjoy the conversation and it was so great to meet other people and share ideas. The people obviously wanted to be there which meant lots of ideas bounced about and took us along different paths, which was also very good. The lunch was amazing too and the venue was a good size. "

"I totally loved the session yesterday, it was simple clear and inspired me to be an even better boss in the future. Lunch yesterday was totally perfect, thank you and there really was nothing more to be done - it was really excellent value for money and just what I needed... Thank you again and again."

"I very much enjoyed it, as I’d said beforehand I was looking to re-energise, as I felt I was very much buried in my current role, and I certainly achieved that. I thought it was organised very well, with just enough formality to avoid chaos. The group was a good size and the people were all really interesting people that I enjoyed spending my time with. I would definitely come again and recommend it to colleagues."


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The basics of inspirational leadership

There are many leaders in history that most people recognise as being great and achieving incredible things.

Some people imagine that such people hold the magical secret to being a great leader. I suggest there is no such silver bullet, no one thing that they do that makes them great leaders. Instead I contend that it is a series of very basic and simple things they do consistently and with integrity that makes them inspirational.

These are things you and I can do. Let's discuss those basics of leadership so we too can inspire people around us, and beyond! Andrea Quinn

Venue: Morton Fraser, 12 Feb 2014                  back to top


Transitions in leadership

Samantha will share some of her experiences and learning from own career to explore transitions and the continual journey of leadership. The conversation will explore

  • What are some of the key things to think about when stepping up from executive to CEO, and from CEO to non-executive director (NED)?
  • What makes an effective NED?
  • How do the different requirements of each role shape the way you need to lead (and think!)?
  • How do we navigate different cultures – both business cultures and geographic cultures? The trend is for much more global business, no matter where the organisation’s HQ is based.

Venue: Badenoch & Clark, 13 March 2014                  back to top


Leading from behind?

Linda will share insights about her own leadership journey, how she started out thinking she could lead from behind, but finally realised that there are times when a leader has to be out front. She noticed that when things were not going well she had been standing back and things went better when she was confident with the concept of being in front and offered strong and compelling direction to inspire buy-in and let others shine.  I’ve heard Linda speak at larger events and she is truly inspiring – this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for a more personal dialogue.

A conversation I had this week resonates with many others I’ve held with women stepping up to management positions. She said she hadn’t particularly liked it. Her boss had given her feedback that she was stepping back and leading from behind too much, and that she should be leading from in front. Yet, the very qualities he was telling her she should exhibit were the ones she disliked in him. She felt ‘Leading from in front’ came across as authoritarian, telling, and directive and her experience of his leading from in front had been demotivating and disengaging. What has been your experience?

How rarely we have this opportunity to meet and talk with an inspiring female role model like Linda to explore:

  • How we can lead from in front in ways that work for us as women?
  • What helps to make leading from in front more within our comfort zone?
  • How can we ensure leading from in front is not authoritarian?
  • How can we deliver the vision in ways that are engaging and motivating?
  • How do we recognise when we're best leading from behind and when to step up to lead in front?


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Vulnerability and leadership.

Many people believe that showing vulnerability would cause their teams and other people to see them as weak. Yet most effective leaders view vulnerability as a strength. The greatest leaders have the self-awareness to recognise that everybody is vulnerable in some way,

We will explore questions around vulnerability and leadership such as:

  • How can showing vulnerability be a sign of authenticity, courage and strength?
  • What are the myths of vulnerability?
  • How can you lose your fear of vulnerability?
  • When is it appropriate to ‘be vulnerable’?
  • What effect does it have on your leadership?

Venue: Badenoch & Clark, Thurs 12th June 2014              

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Mindfulness and leadership.

Mindfulness is about awareness. It's a direct, intuitive knowing of what you are doing while you are doing it. It's knowing what's going on inside your mind and body, and what's going on in the outside world as well. It is about focusing attention consciously where we intend it to be, without being hijacked by other thoughts, emotions, concerns, worries and so on. Mindful awareness is about learning to pay attention, in the present moment, and without judgement. Mindfulness can be thought of as “fitness for the mind”.

We will explore questions such as

  • Why is mindfulness relevant for leaders?
  • How can mindfulness improve trust, focus, productivity and compassion?
  • How can you develop mindfulness?
  • How can you use it day to day?

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Women entrepreneurs as leaders:
the psychology of growth

Jackie is one of the UK’s leading specialists in women's enterprise and will share some of her thoughts, perspectives and experiences on how women build, grow and lead businesses. We will benefit from her years of insights working with varied organisations on all aspects of leadership, as well as working with investors in female owned businesses.

Some of the themes we will explore include:

  • How do women entrepreneurs lead and grow their businesses?
  • What are the skills and abilities that often come naturally to women and lend themselves to good solid leadership practise and building a great business?
  • Why do women so often undervalue these skills?
  • If it is partly due to lack of reinforcement that these are powerful leadership skills, what needs to change?

Venue: Badenoch & Clark, Wed 10th September 2014   12 - 2pm     BOOK your place      

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Honesty and Leadership

Mel founded Honestysnax in October 2013. She describes it as “An interesting experiment in Honesty and values in workplaces” which was the catalyst that prompted this thought leadership conversation.

What is the definition of Honesty?

According to the Oxford Dictionary the origin of the word honesty is from Middle English: from Old French honeste, from Latin honestas, from honestus. The original sense was 'honour, respectability', later 'decorum, virtue, chastity'.

The modern definition is moral correctness, uprightness, honour, integrity, morals, ethics, principle, righteousness, rectitude, right-mindedness, virtue, goodness, probity, worthiness, high-mindedness justness, fairness, incorruptibility, truthfulness, truth, veracity, trustworthiness, reliability, conscientiousness, scrupulousness, reputability, dependability, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity.

When I deliver training courses and we explore values, this is one of the 3 values always first placed on the table and normally everyone in a team will have it in their top 5... to start with.

What do we actually mean when we say honesty is important to us? Are we genuinely completely honest all of the time? When do we make exceptions and how do we justify this? What is that fine line and is it actually a fine line in the world of business or a yawning chasm of promoted ideals and under lived reality?

When working together we demand it. Do we deliver it? Marketing, advertising and sales appear often appear to blatantly abuse it. And we seem to be in a time where we expect the foundations of our society to twist it or miss out elements of the truth to a point where we question the honesty of our leaders and our institutions.

Can we or can’t we be honest? Where does this leave us? Exposed and vulnerable or brave and challenging?

I have a business called Honestysnax and the real live results of running this tell an interesting tale.... Come and join us and find out more.


Venue: Badenoch & Clark, Thurs 9th October 2014    12 - 2pm       BOOK your place      

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Sue Mitchell, at Aeona Limited, founded and manages Leaders in Scotland.





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