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Past Speaker Details

Ethics and leadership           Thurs 9th Feb      Karen Carlton
Resilience and leadership     Thurs 8th March  Caroline Donaldson
Functions of Leadership       Tues 10th April      David Watt
Confidence and leadership    Tues 8th May        Ros Taylor
Sustainability and leadership            Tues 12th June     Fran van Dijk
Creativity, leadership & innovation   Tues 10th July      Joe Lockwood
Psychopaths and leadership     Tues 11th September        Mary Turner Thomson
Values and leadership           Tues 9th October        Tim Cain

Great stories and leadership    Tues 12th Feb.         Mary Turner Thomson
Leadership and emotional intelligence         Thursday, 11th April   Mac Farquhar
Leadership and sport              Thurs 9th May      Mike McEwan

Karen Carlton - Public Appointments Commissioner

Karen Carlton Karen’s career spans both the public and private sectors in the UK and abroad. Her early years were spent in the health service and the hospitality industry. A need to see some of the world before she settled down took Karen to Australia, where she worked with the Government of Victoria during the creation of their Industry Training Commissions. On her return to Scotland Karen worked in a number of senior HR roles; she was, for example, the first director of Investors in People Scotland and created Scotland’s IiP assessment and recognition framework. Karen moved to a position as Managing Director of an organisation development company, then set up her own business, providing HR and organisation development services. As part of her portfolio, she became one of the independent assessors who monitor Scotland’s public appointments process. She was appointed as Commissioner in June 2004.

In her role as Public Appointments Commissioner for Scotland, Karen works closely with the Commission for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland and she published the code of practise for how the Scottish Government makes public appointments. She is also a member of the appointments panel for the BBC Audience Council and a non-executive director of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

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Caroline Donaldson - Director, Kynesis

Caroline Donaldson Caroline is a founding director of Kynesis and an experienced executive coach and facilitator of senior teams. Her background combines over 20 years of consultancy, various senior management positions at Granada Group including personnel, training, sales and regional management and at Mothercare plc where she progressed from a graduate trainee to Store Manager. She has extensive experience of working with senior teams and cascading that work through the business. Some of her clients include Centrica, The Tavistock Institute, NHS, Oracle, KPMG, British Heart Foundation and Aker Kvaerner. She is a member of the CBI Scotland Council, Institute of Directors, EMCC, CIPD, and has worked with over 100 organisations in private, public and voluntary sectors.

Amongst other things, her current work has involved developing resilience for leaders, coaching executives across a variety of business sectors at both Chief Executive and Director level, and managing the mentoring programme for IOD Scotland. Caroline is also a Non-Exec Director for Link Group and The Arches.

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David C Watt - Executive Director, IoD Scotland

David C Watt

David C Watt, Executive Director for the Institute of Directors in Scotland, has a background of running his own business for over ten years – a consultancy focussed on individual and organisational development, particularly in the sport and leisure industry.

David spent two and a half years leading Scotland’s Millennium activities and celebration, encouraging a range of partners to contribute £11.6 million to the festivities for people and places throughout Scotland in the year 2000. He also has extensive experience in both the public and voluntary sectors.

On a personal note, he is a keen golfer and follower of rugby, with a non-party interest in politics and current affairs.

Talented and committed directors are vital to the nation’s prosperity and David is enthusiastic about the role the IoD can play in representing, developing and providing for its members to the benefit of them, their companies and so Scottish economy and industry.

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Ros Taylor - MD at The Ros Taylor Group

Ros Taylor Ros is a leading UK Psychologist, successful businesswoman, an accomplished author of six books, TV and radio presenter, and was voted one of the UK's top ten coaches by the Independent on Sunday newspaper.

Having trained as a Clinical Psychologist and worked in the NHS where she was responsible for a number of path breaking initiatives, Ros ultimately found the lure of the private sector irresistible. She was in the vanguard of those with the vision to see how the principles of psychology might fruitfully be applied to the practice of business. For over twenty five years she has coached leaders and taught leadership skills. Her business experience has included development work with Mobile North Sea, Solectron, NatWest Bank, McKinsey and SCI Europe.

Ros has broadcast on many radio and television programmes. She was one of the three key presenters in `Confidence Lab' for BBC2, a six-part documentary in 2001. Her book Transform Yourself outlines the principles which provided the basis for Confidence Lab. The book of the programme is called Confidence in Just Seven Days and topped Amazon's bestseller list. Fast Track to the Top, a book about success and how to achieve it was published in January 2002. Her most recent book is "Confidence at Work". Ros also took part in the BBC1 series `All the Rage' which reviewed theories of anger and gave her an angry person to change in a day. That book is still to be written.

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Fran van Dijk - Partner at One Stone

Fran van Dijk Fran is a Partner at One Stone advisors, an international consultancy delivering sustainable business value and helping multinational companies in pharmaceutical, IT, consumer goods, services and other sectors to pioneer more sustainable practices.

Fran’s passion is building a strong business case for sustainability.

A strategist who has spent over 15 years working with leading companies to demonstrate the benefits of sustainability, she’s an expert in turning risk into opportunity. Formerly a senior consultant with SustainAbility Ltd, Fran has advised companies including BT, Dow Europe, Gambro, Holcim and Royal Dutch Shell. In 2010, she was part of the ENDS Carbon team behind the FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index Series. Fran was also a board member for 7 years at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, the UK's largest land use research institute.

Fran heads up One Stone’s business case, strategy development and carbon management work. One Stone recognises there are challenges: in the changing business landscape; Growing population; A shift to new economies; and the Climate in crisis and scarce resources. They also advocate this is an opportunity: To rethink markets, products, strategy and supply chain; To build trust, purpose and partnership; and To show leadership by doing business better.

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Joe Lockwood - MBA, Programme Director, Centre for Design Innovation

Joe Lockwood As Programme Director, Joe heads up research and business development at the Centre for Design Innovation and takes a lead role on research projects looking at the application of design innovation in business. Joe has over 15 years experience in business start-up and strategic change management. He has worked extensively in the film industry both nationally and internationally and specialises in building strategic partnerships. Before working with creative industries, Joe was involved with SME’s in the construction industry. He is a contributor to strategic networks in industry and the public sector, speaking regularly about innovation and knowledge exchange.

Joe is part of the team delivering the "Cultures of Innovation" programme that supports businesses to develop the creative leadership, employee engagement and innovation to support sustainable economic growth in business.

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Mary Turner Thomson - Author and Motivational Trainer

Mary Turner Thomson Mary Turner Thomson is an author, publisher, speaker, trainer and motivated person. She has faced adversity on a grand scale, but rather than be destroyed by the experience, she has let it make her stronger and wiser, with the ability to help others overcome similar emotional and psychological abuse. Her memoire ‘The Bigamist’ about her relationship with sociopathic con man Will Jordan, was published in 2007 and has become an international best seller. It even topped the US Kindle charts in 2011. Mary has been interviewed many times on radio and television regarding psychopaths/sociopaths and how they function in society, including the currently running Crime Channel programme ‘Evil Up Close’.

Having trained and worked as a Marketing Consultant, Mary became a business development adviser for the Scottish Enterprise Network for over 10 years before going back into business for herself in 2006. Now she runs a workshop programme for all ages called ‘Pencilling Creative Ideas’ which encompasses all aspects of the writing business - taking attendees through the whole process of writing, publishing, and marketing a book of their own.

Always positive, Mary walks her talk and believes the way to counteract sociopaths/psychopaths (particularly in the workplace) is to understand what they are. She is also now an ambassador for the internet movie <fishead( which specifically looks at sociopaths in the work situation. It is well worth a watch before coming to the Leadership Lunch. (Just use the password – fhmovie – to watch it online free of charge.)

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Tim Cain - Tim Cain Leadership

Tim Cain Tim Cain has rare combination of applied and ‘on the ground’ leadership expertise. Having served as a British Army Infantry Officer for over twenty eight years on operations around the world, his professional specialisation is as a trainer and training development manager for which he was awarded the M.B.E. He has reinforced his practical experience through continued academic personal development leading to the award in 2010 of an MPhil in Transformational Leadership and high performance; in 2011 he became a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and in 2012 a member of the International Leadership Association. He is a highly motivated training professional with a passion for leadership and helping others to maximise their own leadership potential and that of their people.

Over many years as a professional leader and trainer Tim has developed an effective authentic transformational style of coach/mentoring that makes best use of current leadership research to help guide others on their journey to becoming more effective. He has been an active coach/mentor for over 20 years at all organisational levels in the public and private sectors and also in voluntary organisations. Well versed in behavioural science, Tim has a developed understanding of the relationships between leadership, values, motivation, teamwork and performance. As the ‘Chief Infantry Training Policy’ within the British Army’s School of Infantry, he led the ‘Values Based’ transformation of training culture within the Army’s Individual Training Organisation. This work required Tim to be an exponent of positive psychology, learner ownership and role modeling of high performance behaviour. He is qualified and very experienced in the implementation and management of coaching and mentoring culture at individual, team and organisational levels.

Tim’s current projects, through Tim Cain Leadership, include working with a large (4000 staff) regional organisation to achieve better cohesion and performance following a merger, and acting as a Team Advisor/coach on a leadership programme for a national organisation.

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Mac Farquhar - Able People Development

Mike McEwan For the past 30 years Mac Farquhar has been developing managers as leaders, both internally at BT as an organisational development consultant, and independently as director of his own consultancy, Able People Development .

In search of a ‘better way’, Mac set out four years ago to “follow the science” on the type of leadership that inspires and engages people to give their best performance, starting with a postgraduate qualification in emotional intelligence coaching. On the way he has researched lean systems thinking, emotional intelligence, engaging transformational leadership, and neuroleadership / neuropsychology.

Mac has a particular desire to translate leadership complexity into simplicity for the willing but busy manager who just wants to do a better job of leading people, helping them find those small shifts that will make a big difference in their performance!


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Mike McEwan - Mike McEwan Limited

Mike McEwan Mike McEwan is currently the Director of his own consultancy, Mike McEwan Limited, that helps businesses improve their organisational effectiveness, people performance, project management and delivery, through a range of services that include team building; people engagement; leadership development; and interim management for leading and delivering effective turnaround of IT problems. He has previously had a variety of roles in IT and Change functions, including managing to successful delivery large (£30M/year) and complex IT Development Programmes.

Mike brings his experience from playing sport at a national level to leadership in a business context. An avid fencer since the age of 16, Mike is a former Scottish Champion and Veterans' Commonwealth medallist. Mike is the Veterans Team Manager & Team Captain for Scottish Fencing, and continues to be active on the regular fencing circuit (placed in the top 20 at the Scottish Open Championships in January).

Mike has a burning desire to see people and organisations achieve to the best of their ability, and is always willing to roll his sleeves up to help them do so.


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